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Building Control Regulations Exemptions

´╗┐There are certain buildings and building works that do not require formal approval under the building regulations.

For a full list of these exempt buildings please see the Planning Portal.

The reason these buildings are exempt are because they are either:

  • Non-habitable
  • Low risk
  • Controlled by other legislation
  • Such that it would be unreasonable to exercise any formal control over the construction.

Even though your proposals may be exempt from the building regulations you still may require planning permission. This has to be applied for separately - see our pages on Planning applications for details about what requires planning permission and how to apply for this.

It would be advisable before proceeding with your work to notify us with written details and sketches of your proposals (Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Emailed documents are also acceptable). They will then confirm if the work is exempt and you could keep that with the details of your property for future reference in the event of proof being required upon the sale of your property or for any other reason.

Building Control Fee Exemptions

Exemption from charges may be claimed for work to a dwelling or public building (theatre, library, public hall, school, place of worship) intended to facilitate access to or within the building or providing essential facilities for disabled person; or for converting or extending a room in a dwelling to provide essential facilities that would otherwise be inaccessible; or to allow for medical treatment or the storage of medical equipment.

A "disabled person" means anyone within the description contained in Section 29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948 (as amended).

To request for an exemption from charges, please provide evidence of disability to enable your application to be reviewed. i.e. confirmation from G.P/Occupational Therapist or DLA/PIP statement.  (Note: A "Blue Badge" is NOT classed as proof in this situation).

Applying for an Exemption

If you believe you qualify for an exemption, please fill in a Exempt Building Works Enquiry form.