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Unauthorised Works

It is an offence to carry out notifiable building work without submitting a full plans or building notice application.

This can lead to prosecution and will almost certainly create difficulties on sale of a property. The Regulations make provision for a Regularisation Application.

Regularisation applications only apply to works that were started on or after 11 November 1985. This application should describe the extent of the unauthorised work and where possible include a plan of that work, together with any additional work intended to be carried out to secure compliance with the requirements of the regulations.

The charge for regularisation is 150% of the total amount which would be charged under a Full Plans application if the work were being started today - no vat is payable. Please telephone to find out the correct amount as the application cannot proceed until this has been paid.

The council may ask for certain parts of the work to be opened up for inspection to check for compliance and may require alterations to be carried out before a Regularisation certificate can be issued.  If you are unclear whether unauthorised work has been carried out or not, please contact the Building Control Team for assistance.